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On Cisco IOS XR software, what are the four valid address-family configuration command options in static route configuration mode? (Choose four.)

A.    address-family ipv4 unicast
B.    address-family ipv6 unicast
C.    address-family ipv4 multicast
D.    address-family ipv6 multicast
E.    address-family vpnv4
F.    address-family vpnv6

Answer: ABCD

Which three statements about service provider network requirements are true? (Choose three.)

A.    Service provider networks are becoming more specialized, with providers offering only one service.
B.    Service providers connect customers to the Internet.
C.    Jitter and packet loss are no longer an issue.
D.    Multiple access technologies are supported.
E.    Customers can connect directly using copper, wireless, or fiber-optic links.

Answer: BDE

Which three are common ISP access network technologies? (Choose three.)

A.    DSL
B.    Cable modem
C.    DWDM
D.    MPLS
E.    PON
F.    MP-BGP

Answer: ABE

Which three Cisco platforms are classified as core routers? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco XR 12000
B.    Cisco ME 3400
C.    Cisco ASR 1006
D.    Cisco CRS-3
E.    Cisco ASR 9010
F.    Cisco 3900

Answer: ADE
Which statement about Cisco IOS XE software is true?

A.    It uses a two-stage configuration process.
B.    It is identical in look and feel to Cisco IOS software.
C.    It runs on the Cisco ASR 9010 platform.
D.    Packages can be added using the install add and install activate commands.
E.    It runs on the Cisco ME 3400 platform.

Answer: B

Which three statements about VLAN implementation in a Layer 2 switch environment are true? (Choose three.)

A.    The Cisco IOS switchport access vlan interface configuration command is used to configure the native
VLAN on the switch port.
B.    802.1AD supports VLAN overlap.
C.    VLANs can span across multiple switches.
D.    802.1Q encapsulation is used to identify different VLANs on a trunk port.
E.    Inter-VLAN routing is performed between VLAN tunnel ports.

Answer: BCD

Refer to the configuration example exhibit. Which statement is true?

A.    A trunk port has been created and VLAN has been allowed.
B.    An access port has been created on a UNI.
C.    A customer VLAN of 209 is configured.
D.    A QinQ VLAN of 118 is configured.

Answer: D

Which two statements about the link state routing process are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It uses the DUAL algorithm.
B.    It uses metrics such as AS path.
C.    All routers in the area have link state databases.
D.    The administrative distance is 1 by default.
E.    Each router in the area floods LSPs to all neighbors.

Answer: CE

Which two statements about carrier-grade NAT are true? (Choose two.)

A.    It conserves IPv4 addresses.
B.    A service provider issues private IP addresses to its customers.
C.    A service provider translates the private IP address of its customer to another private IP address.
D.    It is implemented on the CE and PE routers.
E.    It is designed to simplify IPv6 addressing.

Answer: AB

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and Drop the RSTP port roles on the left to the correct description on the right. 

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