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Cisco Finesse supports the use of custom call variable layouts. How does the agent desktop determine which layout to use?

A.    The name of the layout is passed to the agent desktop via a keyword variable that is named user layout.
B.    The layout is associated to the team under Team Resources.
C.    The layout is associated to the CSQ definition.
D.    The layout is associated to the desktop layout under Team Resources.

Answer: A

Which phones must be associated to the RmCm application user account?

A.    all phones
B.    none, because that user account is not used for phone association
C.    only agent phones that are used with the Cisco Finesse agent desktop
D.    only Cisco Finesse IPPA phones

Answer: C

Which two Cisco Unified CCX steps should you use if you want to send an HTTP message? (Choose two.)

A.    Write Document
B.    Place Call
C.    Send HTTP Response
D.    Cache Document
E.    Create URL Document

Answer: CD

Where can you start, stop, and restart Cisco Unified Contact Center Express services?

A.    the system page on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Administration
B.    Cisco Desktop Administration
C.    Control Center on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Service ability
D.    Cisco Unified Communications Operating System Administration

Answer: C

Which tab on the Cisco Finesse agent desktop hosts the gadget for agents to accept or initiate a call?

A.    The My Statistics tab hosts the gadget.
B.    The Home tab hosts the gadget.
C.    The Manage Customer tab hosts the gadget.
D.    The gadget to initiate or accept a call is common and is not tied to a specific tab.

Answer: C

Which three operations can be performed within the Cisco Finesse IP Phone Age (IPPA)? (Choose three.)

A.    A supervisor can use Finesse IPPA to act as an agent and accept calls.
B.    An agent can sign in to Finesse IPPA and initiate call recording.
C.    A supervisor can sign in to Finesse IPPA and initiate call recording.
D.    An agent using Finesse IPPA can enter Not Ready, Sign-out, and Wrap-up reasons.
E.    Agents can log in to Finesse IPPA with Cisco Unified CCX deployed using a Standard license.

Answer: CDE

Which action enables a contact center supervisor to access and monitor live data reports for multiple teams?

A.    Take no action, because a supervisor cannot monitor more than one team.
B.    Assign the supervisor as primary superior for one of the teams and as secondary supervisor for other relevant teams.
C.    Assign the supervisor as primary supervisor for all the relevant teams.
D.    Add the supervisor as a member of all the relevant teams.

Answer: C

A customer purchases 200 Cisco Unified Center Express Premium agent seats In order to run a 30-port outbound IVR campaign, which two addition items must the customer purchase?

A.    a router
B.    a gateway
C.    30 outbound IVR ports
D.    30 agent seats
E.    15 agent seats

Answer: BC

The Agent email feature is available in which Cisco Unified Contact Center Express packages?

A.    Premium and Enhanced
B.    Premium, Enhanced, and Standard
C.    Premium only
D.    Premium and Standard

Answer: C

What is the maximum number of concurrent agent web chat sessions that are supported on the highest class server?

A.    75
B.    25
C.    50
D.    120

Answer: C

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