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Which two options are reasons why we are seeing increasing levels of business-led change? (Choose two.)

A.    Because IT solutions are going through a trend of decreasing costs.
B.    Because business requirements are changing rapidly.
C.    Because the technology led change is too expensive.
D.    Because of the disruption created by the megatrends: cloud, mobility, big data, video.

Answer: BC

Which three options are the main areas where customers will see the benefits for their investment? (Choose three.)

A.    Demand
B.    Payroll
C.    Operations
D.    Supply
E.    Business

Answer: ADE

What two elements should be considered in an investment case? (Choose two.)

A.    Delivering business results.
B.    Eliminating OPEX.
C.    Increasing CAPEX.
D.    Optimizing costs.

Answer: AD

Which two phases of the TOGAF ADM manage the process of creating a phased roadmap for technology implementation? (Choose two.)

A.    Phase D: Technology Architecture
B.    Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions
C.    Phase F: Migration Planning
D.    Phase G: Implementation Governance
E.    Phase H: Architecture Change Management

Answer: BC

Which option can assist with determining technology requirements arising from a customer initiative to implement a business process improvement?

A.    Create a Use Case diagram to model the improved business process and from this determine what technology is required.
B.    Use the Business Motivation Model to analyze business and technology requirements for a given initiative.
C.    Undertake an Ishikawa Analysis to determine root causes and determine how technology can resolve these issues.
D.    Perform a gap analysis between “as-is” and “to-be” states to determine what technology will be required.

Answer: D

When would you say your customer has adopted a solution?

A.    When they purchase the solution from the Cisco partner.
B.    When the solution is deployed.
C.    When the solution is deployed and there has been one year with no operating issues.
D.    When the solution is deployed, features and options are activated, and customer is realizing the benefits of your value proposition.

Answer: D

Which option is a benefit of technology adoption?

A.    Customer realizes the benefits stated by Cisco and the partner during the negotiation phase.
B.    Customer gets to replace their old systems and solutions.
C.    Adoption increases sales.
D.    Customer pays only when the technology is adopted.

Answer: A

Why is it important for the customer to communicate the plan to deploy an IT solution to his or her organization?

A.    So that the CEO approves the deployment.
B.    So that the Cisco Partner can claim the Software Activation promotion credits.
C.    Because communicating gives the IT organization more relevancy.
D.    Because communicating provides the organization with a vision of the benefits and an expectation to realize the results.

Answer: D

What should an adoption communications plan include?

A.    Key messages, target audience, communications channels, roles and responsibilities and success metrics.
B.    Key messages, sales forecast, communications channels, roles and responsibilities and success metrics.
C.    Sales forecast, communications channels, roles and responsibilities and sales metrics.
D.    Target audience, communications channels, sales quota, roles and responsibilities.

Answer: A

Which three options are the purpose of change management? (Choose three.)

A.    To guarantee risks related to the business need disappear.
B.    To help increase the adoption of the technology solution.
C.    To ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes.
D.    To guarantee business risk is managed and minimized.
E.    To ensure that all authorized changes support business needs and goals.

Answer: CDE

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