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How a MGCP CALL AGENT route calls?

A.    route-pattern

Answer: A

Where to add user voicemail in Unity?

A.    In users

Answer: A

Creating a hunt group/ring group, where to be able to change the DN/ for all the devices at once?

A.    Hunt pilot

Answer: A

Which type of data file is used for bulk import of users into Cisco Unity Connection?

A.    .xls
B.    .doc
C.    .csv
D.    .pdf

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which Cisco Unified Communications platform is being utilized?


A.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
B.    Cisco Unified Presence
C.    Cisco Unity Connection
D.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Answer: A

An engineer is adding MCU 4500 to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Which two configuration areas within Cisco Unified Communications Manager allow the engineer to perform this task? (Choose two.)

A.    TFTP services
B.    SIP endpoint
C.    media bridge
D.    SCCp endpoint

Answer: BC

Which three options are the correct methods to implement end users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose three.)

A.    manually
B.    DHCP
C.    bulk import using BAT
D.    TFTP
E.    LDAP synchronization
F.    autoregistration

Answer: ACE

With GETVPN, if a key server is configured to use multicast as the rekey transport mechanism, then under which of these conditions will the key server retransmit the rekey messages?

A.    It never retransmit the rekey messages
B.    it only retransmit the rekey message when it does not receive the rekey acknowledgment from at least one group member
C.    it only retransmit the rekey message when it does not receive the rekey acknowledgment from all group member
D.    it only retransmit the rekey message when DPD to the group members fails
E.    it always retransmit the rekey message

Answer: E

Which four fields are required when manually configuring IP phones in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose four.)

A.    MAC Address
B.    IP Address
C.    Hunt Group
E.    Device Pool
F.    Phone Button Template
G.    Dial Peer
H.    Device Security Profile

Answer: AEFH

Refer to the exhibit. The error message was displayed when the administrator attempted to set the default user password in the user template to four digits long. Which option can rectify this issue?


A.    The minimum password length in Cisco Unity Connection should be at least five digits long.
B.    The password length needs to be configured under the Authentication Rules settings using the Minimum Credential Length configuration field.
C.    The password length needs to be configured under the user template settings using the Minimum Credential Length configuration field.
D.    The password length cannot be adjusted under the user template; the password length can only be adjusted under the individual users.

Answer: B
A minimum length requirement (as set on the Edit Authentication Rule page, in the Minimum Credential Length field)
Inclusion of at least one character from each of the following categories: upper-case letter, lower-case letter, number, and symbol (~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ” ` , . : ; ? – _ ( ) [ ] < > { } + = / \ |)
No characters repeated consecutively more than three times (for example, aaaaB1C9 is invalid)
No inclusion of the alias or name of the administrator Link:
http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/connection/8x/user_mac/guide/8xcucma c070.html#wp1049964

In Cisco Unified Communications Manager Native Presence, what two things is a watcher monitoring in real time? (Choose two.)

A.    registration status of a specific IP phone
B.    registration status of the hunt group
C.    registration status of the MGCP gateway
D.    registration status of Cisco Extension Mobility of the IP phone
E.    status of a registered directory number

Answer: AE

A user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration has been added to the Standard CCM Admin Users group, which includes the Standard CCMADMIN Administration role, but the user cannot add new users. What is the cause of this issue?

A.    The add user capability has been disabled for the group
B.    The incorrect group and role were assigned.
C.    The add user capability has been disabled for the role.
D.    Only the CCMAdmin user can add users.
E.    Users can be added only via LDAP

Answer: C

An administrator is attempting to add a new IP phone to the network. The phone does not register and continues to cycle through the registration process. The administrator checks and notices that the IP address assigned to the phone is not in the correct network. What is the cause of this issue?

A.    The TFTP server is misconfigured.
B.    The DHCP server is giving out false IP addresses.
C.    The Cisco Unified Communications Manager is down.
D.    The switch port that the phone is connected to is configured with the wrong voice VLAN.
E.    The PSTN gateway is down.

Answer: D

Which four characteristics are associated with video? (Choose four)

A.    greedy
B.    TCP retransmits
C.    UDP priority
D.    delay sensitive
E.    drop sensitive
F.    benign
G.    bursty

Answer: ACDG

Which two directory services are supported by Cisco Unified Communications Manager for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol integration? (Choose two.)

A.    Windows Active Directory 2008
B.    Novell eDirectory
C.    iPlanet Directory Server 4.0
D.    Sun ONE Directory Server
E.    Open Lightweight Directory Access Protocol 2.1

Answer: AD

Which three characteristics are associated with voice? (Choose three.)

A.    greedy
B.    TCP retransmits
C.    UDP priority
D.    delay sensitive
E.    drop insensitive
F.    benign
G.    benign or greedy

Answer: CDF

Of the fields listed, which two fields are required to successfully create a phone user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.)

A.    Last Name
B.    PIN (and confirmation PIN)
C.    Primary Extension
D.    User ID

Answer: AD

Which standard protocol is utilized for signaling between the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router and the Cisco Unity Express module?

A.    SCCP
C.    SIP
D.    XCP

Answer: C

Which three models of configuration does Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express support? (Choose three.)

A.    keyswitch
B.    PBX
C.    hybrid
D.    PSTN
E.    WAN
F.    voice gateway
G.    MOH

Answer: ABC

In which location is Cisco Unified Presence enabled for a specific user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    User Administration
B.    Application
C.    Advanced Features
D.    Capabilities Assignment
E.    on the IP phone

Answer: D
Capabilities Assignment allows system administrators to enable the Cisco Unified Presence (CUP) and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (CUPC) capabilities for users. You must ensure that licenses for CUP and CUPC are available.
http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/8_6_1/ccmfeat/fslicense.ht ml#wp1158223

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