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Which three Cisco TelePresence endpoints support hosting embedded multisite conferences? (Choose three.)

A.    EX60
B.    EX90
C.    C20
D.    C90
E.    SX10
F.    SX20
G.    Jabber Video for Cisco TelePresence

Answer: BDF

Which function does FECC provide?

A.    the ability to transfer calls between the SIP and H.323 protocols
B.    the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera at the far end
C.    the ability to switch between content channels
D.    the ability to send DTMF tones

Answer: B

In a Cisco TelePresence MX300 G2, what is the minimum bandwidth for 1080p30?

A.    768 kbps
B.    1152 kbps
C.    1472 kbps
D.    1873 kbps
E.    2560 kbps

Answer: C

Which two options are characteristics of Cisco Jabber? (Choose two.)

A.    allows desktop sharing
B.    allows you to locate the active speaker
C.    allows instant messaging
D.    allows the One Button To Push feature

Answer: AC

On a video endpoint running TC software, which two SIP settings are the minimum needed to register the endpoint to a Cisco VCS? (Choose two.)

A.    URI
B.    loginname
C.    password
D.    E.164 address
E.    gatekeeper
F.    proxy address
G.    domain

Answer: AF

Refer to the exhibit. Users in a Cisco TelePresence room report audio and video quality issues.
You have been asked to troubleshoot the issue.
You log in to the endpoint GUI and check telephony settings.
Which option would you recommend to resolve the issue?

A.    Audio/video quality issues are generally due to low bandwidth.
Contact your carrier to increase the bandwidth.
B.    “DSCP For TelePresence” is not correct.
Configure the correct value via codec GUI.
C.    “DSCP For Audio” is not correct.
Configure the correct value via codec GUI.
D.    DSCP values are correct.
Check the QoS configuration on the router.
E.    The “DSCP For TelePresence” and “DSCP For Audio” values are not correct.
Configure the correct value in codec GUI.
F.    The “DSCP For TelePresence” and “DSCP For Audio” values are not correct.
Configure the correct value in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager service parameter.

Answer: F

When a user attempts to sign in with a Jabber Video for Cisco TelePresence client, which SIP message is the first that is sent?

A.    INFO

Answer: D

Your customer has an EX60 at a home-office that is doing direct H.323 dialing.
When they place calls to remote sites, they report that they cannot see video or hear audio from the remote sites.
What is most likely the cause of this issue?

A.    NAT mode is not configured on the EX60.
B.    The HDMI cable that connects the EX60 to the monitor is not plugged in.
C.    A username and password must be configured on the EX60.
D.    QoS is not properly configured on the EX60.

Answer: A

A new Cisco DX650 is not registering in the Cisco Communications Manager running version 9.1.2.
The latest device package and firmware was uploaded on all Cisco Communications Manager servers in the cluster.
What is most likely the cause of this issue?

A.    A cluster-wide reboot is needed to enable the functionality.
B.    You must restart the TFTP server.
C.    The firmware in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager is incorrect.
D.    The software version in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager is incorrect.

Answer: A

In which two locations can you find registration information for a video endpoint? (Choose two.)

A.    from the endpoint touch panel on the Settings > System Information screen
B.    from the endpoint web interface on the Home screen
C.    from the Cisco VCS in the Status > System screen
D.    from the Cisco TMS on the Systems > Provisioning screen

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. Which option enables you to create a system snapshot?

A.    Status
B.    System
C.    Configuration
D.    Applications
E.    Users
F.    Maintenance

Answer: F

In the web interface for a Cisco VCS or Expressway running X8.2, which page allows you to enable and download logs that include the xConfiguration, xStatus, DEBUG level network logs, and packet captures of both network interfaces?

A.    Maintenance > Diagnostics > Diagnostic Logging
B.    Maintenance > Diagnostics > System Snapshot
C.    Status > Logs > Event Log
D.    Status > Logs > Configuration Log

Answer: A

Which two methods can you use to update the configuration automatically using the persistent configuration settings for an endpoint using TMS? (Choose two.)

A.    Manually refresh the endpoint configuration for the Cisco TMS provisioning page.
B.    Cisco TMS can be scheduled to push a template to endpoints.
C.    User can edit the configuration manually for the endpoint from Cisco TMS.
D.    The endpoint can receive the persistent settings from Cisco TMS after each reboot.
E.    The endpoint can download the configuration via DHCP option 150.

Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit. Which option performs a factory reset of a Cisco TelePresence System endpoint?

A.    Configuration > System Settings
B.    Configuration > Security Settings
C.    Troubleshooting > Hardware setup
D.    Monitoring
E.    Troubleshooting > Configuration Issues
F.    Troubleshooting > System Restart
G.    A Cisco TelePresence System endpoint can be reset only via CLI.

Answer: E

Your customer reports that they have had unwanted calls routing from their Cisco VCS Expressway to their ISDN gateway.
Which way is recommended to prevent these calls?

A.    Configure a Registration Deny List on the Cisco VCS Expressway.
B.    Configure a Registration Allow List on the Cisco VCS Expressway.
C.    Implement a CPL on the Cisco VCS Control.
D.    Implement a CPL on the Cisco VCS Expressway.

Answer: D

You are troubleshooting an issue and you need to connect to presentation codec via CLI.
Which CLI command allows you to connect to the presentation codec?

A.    utils connect presentation
B.    utils system presentation
C.    utils presentation connect
D.    utils presentation system
E.    set system presentation

Answer: B

Which command causes a Cisco VCS to drop registrations for currently registered endpoints only if they are not currently in a call?

A.    xConfiguration SystemUnit Maintenance Mode: Off
B.    xConfiguration SystemUnit Maintenance Mode: On
C.    xConfiguration Zones LocalZone DefaultSubZone Registrations: “Deny”
D.    xConfiguration Registration RestrictionPolicy Mode: “DenyList”

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. When this alarm is seen, what is the maximum number of registrations that a Cisco VCS can support?

A.    2500
B.    50
C.    3
D.    0

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which Cisco Prime Collaboration capabilities are shown?

A.    Endpoint and system inventory reporting
B.    Proactive monitoring and alerts for video endpoint faults
C.    End-to-end network path troubleshooting
D.    Real-time monitoring and alerts for video endpoint faults
E.    Dashboard view of overall voice and video network health

Answer: E

Which Cisco MCU feature allows a video participant to dial in to view permanent and active conferences and select a conference to join, or allow them to create a new conference?

A.    ad hoc conferencing
B.    ACD
C.    Auto Attendant
D.    preconfigured participant

Answer: C

Which ad hoc multipoint feature is supported only when properly configured and when the endpoint is registered to the Cisco VCS?

A.    Multisite
B.    Multiway
C.    WebEx enabled Cisco TelePresence
D.    Collaboration Meeting Room
E.    Cisco MCU
F.    Cisco TelePresence Server

Answer: B

Which Cisco feature upscales SD and low-bandwidth video participants up to four times, allows them to appear closer to HD in a video call, and is supported on Cisco MCU and Cisco TelePresence Server multiparty solutions?

A.    ClearPath
B.    ClearVision
C.    WebEx enabled TelePresence
D.    Active Presence
E.    Individual Transcoding

Answer: B

In locally managed mode, what is the maximum number of 720p HD video ports in a Cisco MSE 8710 Cisco TelePresence Server cluster running version 4.0?

A.    48
B.    60
C.    72
D.    84
E.    96
F.    108

Answer: E

In a Multiway call escalation, which SIP message is sent from the Multiway initiator to the participants to provide the bridge URI?

D.    200 OK

Answer: B

In a Cisco TelePresence conference that is hosted on a Cisco MCU, a single pane shows the person who is currently talking. What is this pane called?

A.    The host
B.    The active participant
C.    The active speaker
D.    The active floor

Answer: C

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