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Which three statements are correct for route filtering? (Choose three.)

A.    The OSPF router LSA can be filtered with route maps so they are not installed on the OSPF database.
B.    Route filtering can create suboptimal routing, thus increasing latency in the network.
C.    Inbound route filtering affects outbound traffic flow.
D.    By default, EIGRP filters topology information at every hop in the network.
E.    IS-IS filters reachability information from the Level 1 to Level 2 domain.
F.    By default, EIGRP filters the reachability information at every hop in the network.

Answer: BCD

What are three design criteria to consider when you choose how many classes to implement in a DiffServ policy? (Choose three.)

A.    service provider support capabilities, which include SLA, PHB, and marking criteria
B.    the ability to group applications and their requirements into classes
C.    baseline expectations and projected growth of RSVP sessions
D.    the ability to leverage single-rate and dual-rate token bucket policers for different classes
E.    the total queue depth on the corresponding devices in the network
F.    different capabilities in the network to apply PHBs and queue structures, and the ability to map multiple service classes to PHB

Answer: ABF

Which three tasks are common network management practices? (Choose three.)

A.    Ensure that all network devices have their clocks synchronized.
B.    Collect SNMP poll information for future regression analysis.
C.    Capture both ingress and egress flow-based packets, while avoiding duplication of flows.
D.    Look at average counters instead of instantaneous counters for inconsistent and bursty KPIs, such as CPU utilization and interface utilization.
E.    Validate data plane health, and application and services availability, with synthetic traffic.

Answer: ADE

In a rented office, workers are not assigned to specific cubes. The facility just began to use IEEE 802.1X authentication for the tenants. When workers have previously logged in to a PC, it works correctly, but when they move to another PC that has never been used before, they are unable to log in. Which redesign action will overcome this issue with minimal operational burden?

A.    Use machine authentication.
B.    Establish a “Bring Your Own Device” portal.
C.    Disable and re-enable network authentication when a new worker logs in to a new machine.
D.    Enable MAC Authentication Bypass.

Answer: A

When designing IP addressing for route summarization, which consideration is true?

A.    Summarization can be applied regardless of the network topology if the IP addressing scheme is structured.
B.    IP address space assignments should be based on the divisions of the company.
C.    Suboptimal routing is commonly caused by the information that is hidden in the summary route.
D.    Summary metrics are constant, regardless of the instabilities of the summary components.

Answer: C

In a network design, there are three distribution layers and one data center. What are the two main reasons for using a core layer in this design? (Choose two.)

A.    The use of a core layer provides Layer 3 capabilities to the campus.
B.    The core layer reduces the number of ports that are needed in the distribution layers.
C.    The core layer is needed when there are two or more distribution layers that are to be connected.
D.    The core layer would fulfill core network functions such as DPI and security policies.
E.    The core layer is capable of faster forwarding than any other layer or module in the network.

Answer: BC

What are three advantages of using ISATAP? (Choose three.)

A.    It is easier to set up than other tunneling mechanisms, such as 6RD and 6to4.
B.    It is supported on many platforms, such as Linux, Windows, and Cisco IOS Software.
C.    It works with both private and public addressing spaces.
D.    It is a point-to-multipoint tunneling mechanism.
E.    It does not require any changes on the underlying IPv4 network to operate.

Answer: BCE

What are two reasons to choose L2TPv3 over other technologies for a VPN solution? (Choose two.)

A.    The VPN solution does not contain MPLS on the network core.
B.    The VPN solution should support Frame Relay to Ethernet pseudowire connections.
C.    The VPN solution requires multipoint Ethernet LAN service.
D.    The VPN solution should be industry-standard.

Answer: AD

Company Y is a mobile backhaul provider that uses microwave rings in their network.
Which low-cost, simple technology do you recommend to Company Y to ensure the fastest convergence times in a ring topology?

A.    sub-second IGP hello and dead timers
B.    MPLS Traffic Engineering
C.    Remote Loop-Free Alternate
D.    IP Event Dampening
E.    hub and spoke with ECMP

Answer: C

On a large-scale DMVPN network design, what are two DMVPN characteristics? (Choose two.)

A.    DMVPN can interoperate with other vendors’ equipment.
B.    DMVPN supports multicast replication at the hub.
C.    DMVPN supports non-IP protocols.
D.    DMVPN supports dynamic partial- or full-mesh tunnels.

Answer: BD

What are two design characteristics of GETVPN? (Choose two.)

A.    It uses GDOI to distribute keys.
B.    It supports private addresses over public Internet.
C.    It requires multicast replication at the hub.
D.    It uses tunnel-less technology.
E.    It supports dynamic partial- or full-mesh tunnels.

Answer: AD

A financial services company runs HSRP at the edge of its network to allow for redundancy for the default gateway for its servers. The CTO of the company is concerned that the failover time for HSRP is too slow and a different mechanism should be used. The network engineer disagrees and believes that HSRP can provide the required fast down detection and failover for the edge of the network. Which option is the fastest down detection and failover solution for this HSRP environment?

A.    Limit the Layer 2 broadcast domain.
B.    Decrease the HSRP timers.
C.    Implement BFD.
D.    Migrate from IEEE 802.1D to 802.1w.
E.    Implement HSRP preemption.

Answer: C

The Database team will deploy a new clustering technology that uses IPv4, multicast-based data replication, where the servers listen and transmit at the same time on multiple groups. Multicast is not being run on the current network and there are no plans to enable it. New Layer 2 switches will be purchased to connect new servers in order to keep multicast traffic off the existing network. Which two features should the new switches support to provide good multicast performance? (Choose two.)

A.    IGMP snooping
B.    PIM snooping
C.    MLD snooping
D.    IGMP querier
E.    Bidirectional PIM

Answer: AD

In a routed access hierarchical campus design, the access-to-distribution Layer 2 uplink trunks are replaced with Layer 3 point-to-point routed links. Why is it recommended that VLANs are confined on a single access switch rather than span across multiple access switches?

A.    to allow for better convergence time
B.    to prevent the occurrence of Layer 2 loops
C.    to allow for fault isolation
D.    to prevent routing black holes

Answer: D

Which two mechanisms can anycast RPs use to share multicast state information with other RPs? (Choose two.)

A.    MSDP
B.    PIM anycast RP sets
C.    IGMPv3
D.    MLD
E.    static mroutes

Answer: AB

Which technique can be used to deploy IPv6 services in an IPv4-only routed backbone network?

A.    NAT64 at the peering locations
B.    6PE in the backbone network
C.    6RD on CE routers and 6RD border relays at the peering locations
D.    dual-stack lite and NAT44 at the peering locations

Answer: C

The network architect wants to reduce the OSPF database in the network by using summarization techniques. In which two places in the network can summarization be applied to maximum effect? (Choose two.)

A.    on the OSPF links of all ABR routers
B.    on the OSPF links of all ASBR routers
C.    on the OSPF links of all backbone routers
D.    on the routing process of all ABR routers
E.    on the routing process of all ASBR routers
F.    on the routing process of all backbone routers

Answer: DE

You are auditing the network design of a PIM BiDir multicast network. Which option is the most appropriate multicast group source discovery design consideration for this design?

A.    A phantom RP advertises the multicast group sources.
B.    Source discovery is not applicable to PIM BiDir.
C.    Subscribers discover the multicast group sources via DNS.
D.    Subscribers are statically configured with specific sources.
E.    MSDP is used to discover multicast group sources.

Answer: B

To improve the stability of the network and protect it from intrusions, you must design control plane security. Which two features should you enable as part of this design? (Choose two.)

A.    SNMP security
B.    uRPF
C.    IPsec
D.    IP receive ACL
E.    control plane policing
F.    role-based CLI access

Answer: DE

You are a network designer who must fine tune the convergence of an IS-IS network. The failure detection mechanism has been addressed with reliable loss-of-signal at the interface level.
Which three other tools or techniques should be employed to achieve your requirements? (Choose three.)

A.    Use prefix prioritization techniques.
B.    Use BFD on point-to-point links.
C.    Speed up LSP generation.
D.    Disable LDP-IGP synchronization.
E.    Speed up the initial link state computation.
F.    Eliminate the time that the overload bit is advertised to neighbors.

Answer: ACE

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