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Which benefit is an advantage of route summarization?

A.    It reduces the size of the routing table.
B.    It causes routes to be updated more frequently.
C.    It lowers the cost metric.
D.    It enables neighbor discovery.

Answer: A

Which technology should a company use to connect a branch office to headquarters via an Internet connection while maintaining confidentiality and the flexibility to run a routing protocol between the two locations?

A.    GRE over IPsec
B.    IPsec
C.    GRE

Answer: A

GRE has been used to establish a routing-protocol neighbor relationship between two routers, across the public Internet. Which technology can you use to encrypt this communication channel?

A.    access lists
B.    IPsec
C.    CBAC
D.    IPS

Answer: B

According to fundamental design principles, which location is best for implementing Cisco QoS policies?

A.    hardware
B.    software
C.    Cisco 3900 Series Integrated Services Routers running IOS software
D.    WAN routers running IOS software

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.


Which functionality must be enabled on router A to connect two networks for translating private addresses into “legal” public addresses on a one-for-one basis?

A.    NAT
B.    VLAN
C.    GARP
D.    PPP

Answer: A

In which two modes can you deploy Cisco IPS appliances? (Choose two.)

A.    inline
B.    promiscuous
C.    VTP group
D.    threat mitigation
E.    threat detection

Answer: AB

What three design best practices are key functions of the distribution layer? (Choose three.)

A.    fault domain isolation
B.    admission control
C.    access switch aggregation
D.    QoS tagging
E.    address summarization
F.    end user and application isolation

Answer: ACE

A network engineer is tasked to upgrade and expand a large existing production network. From the IOS CLI, what two protocols can be used to build a topology map of the existing network? (Choose two.)

A.    SNMP
B.    IP SLA
C.    ICMP Echo
D.    LLDP
E.    Traceroute

Answer: DE

A network engineer needs to create a controller-based, high-density RF design. Which two factors determine the cell size? (Choose two.)

A.    antenna type
B.    ClientLink support
C.    TPC threshold setting
D.    QoS setting
E.    free space path loss

Answer: AC

According to Cisco best practices, which traffic control should you apply to the strict priority queue?

A.    Bandwidth should be limited to one-third of the link capacity.
B.    Bandwidth should be limited to 768 kbps.
C.    Limits should be applied to non-real-time traffic and all real-time traffic should be permitted.
D.    The link serialization delay should be set to less than 100 ms.

Answer: A

Drag and Drop Question
Drag the characteristic on the left to the correct campus design model on the right.




Which two states are RSTP port states? (Choose two.)

A.    discarding
B.    learning
C.    blocking
D.    listening
E.    disabled

Answer: AB

What are two components of the Build phase in the Cisco Design Lifecycle? (Choose two.)

A.    Migration
B.    Deployment
C.    Optimization
D.    Design
E.    Configuration

Answer: AB

Which three QoS levels should VoIP clients be set to on a Cisco WLC? (Choose three.)

A.    Platinum
B.    Bronze
C.    Gold
D.    Silver
E.    Premier
F.    Critical

Answer: ACD

What is the optimal device and location to fulfill these requirements?

– provide early indication of reconnaissance and scanning activities with blocking capabilities
– require fewer interfaces to inspect traffic to the DMZ and internal network

A.    IPS inline outside of the firewall
B.    IPS inline inside the firewall
C.    Cisco IOS IPS on the border router
D.    passive IPS connected to a SPAN port outside of the firewall
E.    passive IPS connected to a SPAN port inside the firewall

Answer: A

A network engineer has finished designing and implementing a new network. What two protocols would they use to gain insight into the network and determine the components that require optimization? (Choose two.)

A.    CDP
B.    NetFlow
C.    ICMP Echo
D.    NMAP
E.    SNMP

Answer: BE

Which two options can be virtual networking devices? (Choose two.)

A.    ESX host
B.    VM
C.    switches
D.    routers
E.    Hyper-V host

Answer: CD

An organization is redesigning a 3-tier hierarchical network into a collapsed core. What design issue is a primary concern per Cisco best practices?

A.    services delineation
B.    port density
C.    feature availability
D.    resource utilization

Answer: D

Which option is an advantage of the bottom-up design model?

A.    focuses on the needs of user communities
B.    includes a thorough analysis of customer requirements
C.    facilitates a quick response to client requests
D.    produces a “big-picture” of the desired outcome

Answer: C

When designing the identity and access control portions for the enterprise campus network, which of these solutions would be the most appropriate solution to consider?

A.    802.1X
B.    ACLs in the core layer
C.    Cisco Security MARS
D.    NetFlow

Answer: A

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