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In one custom dynamic application, the inside client connects to an outside server using TCP port 4444 and negotiates return client traffic in the port range of 5000 to 5500. The server then starts streaming UDP data to the client on the negotiated port in the specified range. Which Cisco ASA feature or command supports this custom dynamic application?

A.    TCP normalizer
B.    TCP intercept
C.    ip verify command
D.    established command
E.    tcp-map and tcp-options commands
F.    set connection advanced-options command

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which traffic is permitted on the inside interface without any interface ACLs configured?

A.    any IP traffic input to the inside interface
B.    any IP traffic input to the inside interface destined to any lower security level interfaces
C.    only HTTP traffic input to the inside interface
D.    only HTTP traffic output from the inside interface
E.    No input traffic is permitted on the inside interface
F.    No output traffic is permitted on the inside interface

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. When the user “contractor” Cisco AnyConnect tunnel is established, what type of Cisco ASA user restrictions are applied to the tunnel?

A.    full restrictions (no Cisco ASDM, no CLI, no console access)
B.    full restrictions (no read, no write, no execute permissions)
C.    full restrictions (CLI show commands and Cisco ASDM monitoring permissions only)
D.    full access with no restrictions

Answer: D

You are configuring bookmarks for the clientless SSL VPN portal without the use of plug-ins. Which three bookmark types are supported? (Choose three.)

A.    RDP
B.    HTTP
C.    FTP
D.    CIFS
E.    SSH
F.    Telnet

Answer: BCD

When preconfiguring a Cisco AnyConnect profile for the user group, which file is output by the Cisco AnyConnect profile editor?

A.    user.ini
B.    user.html
C.    user.pcf
D.    user.xml

Answer: D

Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) was introduced to solve performance issues. Which three are characteristics of DTLS? (Choose three.)

A.    It uses TLS to negotiate and establish DTLS connections.
B.    It uses DTLS to transmit datagrams.
C.    It is disabled by default.
D.    It uses TLS for data packet retransmission.
E.    It replaces underlying transport layer with UDP 443.
F.    It uses TLS to provide low-latency video application tunneling.

Answer: ABE

Which three options are characteristics of Web Type ACLs? (Choose three.)

A.    They are assigned per-connection profile.
B.    They are assigned per-user or per-group policy.
C.    They can be defined in the Cisco AnyConnect Profile Editor.
D.    They support URL pattern matching.
E.    They support implicit deny all at the end of the ACL.
F.    They support standard and extended WebType ACLs.

Answer: BDE

Your IT department needs to run a custom-built TCP application within the clientless SSL VPN tunnel. The network administrator suggests running the smart tunnel application. Which three statements concerning smart tunnel applications are true? (Choose three.)

A.    They support active FTP and other RTSP-based applications.
B.    They do not require administrator privileges on the remote system.
C.    They require the enabling of port forwarding.
D.    They are supported on Windows and MAC OS X platforms.
E.    They support native client applications over SSL VPN.
F.    They require the modification of the Host file on the end-user PC.

Answer: BDE

When deploying clientless SSL VPN advanced application access, the administrator needs to collect information about the end-user system. Which three input parameters of an end-user system are important for the administrator to identify? (Choose three.)

A.    types of applications and application protocols that are supported
B.    types of encryption that are supported on the end-user system
C.    the local privilege level of the remote user
D.    types of wireless security that are applied to the end-user tunnel interface
E.    types of operating systems that are supported on the end-user system
F.    type of antivirus software that is supported on the end-user system Answer: ACE


Which license is required on the Cisco ASA NGFW for an administrator to manage it securely from a remote laptop?

A.    AnyConnect Endpoint Assessment
B.    AnyConnect Premium
C.    AnyConnect for Mobile
D.    AnyConnect for Cisco VPN phone
E.    Cisco Secure Desktop

Answer: B

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