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When creating local user, which two are valid user names? (Choose two)

A.    daemon
B.    somebody
C.    root
D.    1greatuser
E.    12345
F.    best_user

Answer: BF

How many VEMs can one server have?

A.    4
B.    unlimited
C.    1
D.    2

Answer: C

Your primary VSM needs to be edited, rebooted, or migrated.
You need to initiate a manual switchover to your standby VSM.
What command will allow this to occur?

A.    vsm switchover
B.    System switchover
C.    Standby activate
D.    System standby

Answer: B

To install your VEM, what is the extension of the VEM file name you’ll be looking for to complete this install?

A.    .zip
B.    .vem
C.    .vib
D.    .vsm

Answer: C

How do the Fabric Interconnect ports connecting to the 2232PP FEX have to be configured?

A.    In UCS Manager, the FI ports connecting to the FEX must be set as type `Server’
B.    In UCS Manager, the FI ports connecting to the FEX must be set as type `FEX’
C.    In UCS Manager, the FI ports connecting to the FEX must be set as type `Uplink’
D.    In UCS Manager, the FI ports connecting to the FEX must be set as type `Auto’
E.    In UCS Manager, the FI ports connecting to the FEX must be set as type `Network’

Answer: A

In a FlexPod design, when can NetApp storage be directly connected to a Cisco UCS server?

A.    Never
B.    Always
C.    Only in a FlexPod Select design
D.    Only in a FlexPod Express design
E.    Only in a FlexPod DataCenter design

Answer: C

Which four are features of VMware vSphere as part of a FlexPod Solution? (Choose four)

A.    Workload mobility via vMotion
B.    High Availability through vSphere clustering technology providing virtual machine resiliency
in the event of a physical server or guest OS failures
C.    Storage thin provisioning capabilities
D.    Dynamic workload distribution for efficient resource utilization with Distributed Resource
Scheduler (DRS)
E.    An improved virtual hard disk format called VHDX
F.    Improved support for Live Migration with no limits
G.    The ability to manage non-ESXi hypervisors such as Microsoft HyperV
H.    Support for NVGRE in the vNetwork Standard Switch (vSS)

Answer: ABCD

When configuring a FlexPod environment for iSCSI boot with Cisco UCS, which item should be preconfigured?

A.    All zoning should be configured
B.    Zonesets should be created
C.    IQN and IP address of target
D.    WWPN Pools

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which is correct for configuring FCoE?

A.    vlan 33fcoe vsan 43int po11switchport trunk allowed vlan add 33int vfc11bind interface po11switchport trunk allowed vsan 43vsan databasevsan 43 interface vfc11
B.    vlan 33fcoe vsan 43int po21switchport trunk allowed vsan add 43int vfc11bind interface
po21vsan databasevsan 43 interface vfc 11
C.    fcoe vsan 43int po11switchport trunk allowed vsan add 43vsan databasevsan 43
D.    fcoe vlan 33int po11switchport trunk allowed vlan add 33vsan databasevsan 33
E.    fcoe vsan 43int po21switchport trunk allowed vsan add 43vsan databasevsan 43

Answer: A

How are jumbo frames enabled on the Nexus 5548?

A.    policy-map type network-qos JUMBOclass type network-qos class-defaultmtu 9216system qosservice-policy type network-qos JUMBO
B.    system mtu jumbo 9000
C.    system qosmtu 9216
D.    policy-map type queueingclass type queueing class-defaultmtu 9216
E.    system jumbo-frame

Answer: A

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