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How do you obtain a SIP log from the Cisco TelePresence MCU 5300 to send to Cisco TAC for further analysis?

A.    Navigate to Maintenance > Logs, and then download the log.
B.    Navigate to Logs > Event Log > SIP Details, and then download the log.
C.    Navigate to Logs > H.323/SIP Log, click Enable H323/SIP Logging, and then download the
D.    Use FTP to access the MCU, go to the directory /etc/logs/sip, and get all the files in that

Answer: C

What is one way that a conference participant’s screen layout be changed without affecting other participants?

A.    via the participant settings in the MCU 5300 web interface
B.    via the conference settings in the MCU 5300 web interface
C.    by the nominated chair endpoint using FECC
D.    by moving the participant into a different meeting using the MCU 5300 web interface

Answer: A

On a Cisco TelePresence CLI, which command is the correct syntax to run a traceroute to a remote host?

A.    network traceroute {dest}
B.    tracert {dest}
C.    utils network tracert {dest}
D.    set tracert {dest}

Answer: C

Which QoS mapping is the best practice for Cisco TelePresence systems?

A.    CoS 5 to map to a DSCP value of 40
B.    CoS 4 to map to a DSCP value of 46
C.    CoS 3 to map to a DSCP value of 48
D.    CoS 5 to map to a DSCP value of 16
E.    No Cisco TelePresence endpoint is allowed to joinuntil the designated VIP Cisco TelePresence endpoint joins.
F.    VIP video is switched out temporarily with voice-activatedswitching; VIP video is switched back automatically.
G.    VIP video is always displayed at all sites and is never switched out.

Answer: D

Which installation option should you choose if you wish to use an external SQL database?

A.    Complete
B.    Custom
C.    Advanced
D.    Basic

Answer: B

If you do not have a valid release key, what restriction will be applied?

A.    The Cisco TelePresence Management Suite will only manage three systems.
B.    Installation will fail and the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite will not be installed.
C.    The Cisco TelePresence Management Suite will only operate for 30 days.
D.    The SQL database will be purged every 30 days.

Answer: A

Where would you enter release and option keys into the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite?

A.    in Configuration > General Settings
B.    on the portal page
C.    through the release key generator in a terminal session on the server
D.    on the Cisco TelePresence Manager Suite server maintenance page

Answer: A

When a new conference is booked on the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite, which setting instructs the endpoint or Cisco TelePresence MCU to call a participant at the time of a conference?

A.    Manual
B.    Call-in Only
C.    Reverse Call
D.    Automatic

Answer: D

By which three ways can systems be added in the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite? (Choose three.)

A.    by preregistering systems
B.    from a .csv file
C.    by importing from a Cisco TelePresence VCS
D.    by user-configured name
E.    by dialing an endpoint
F.    by IP address
G.    from a list of previously discovered systems

Answer: AFG

You want to obtain specific configuration details from each of the systems that are registered to your Cisco TelePresence Management Suite.
Where can you do this?

A.    Choose Navigator from the Systems menu.
B.    Choose System Overview from the Systems menu.
C.    Run System Tracking from the Systems menu.
D.    Connect to the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite via a console connection and use
show commands.

Answer: B

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