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Secure production access is an important success metric for Plant IT Directors. In the Internet of Things, which four options achieve secure production access? (Choose four.)

A.    increased uptime
B.    reduced IP theft
C.    risk reduction
D.    reduced downtime
E.    increased safety
F.    faster new product introduction

Answer: BCDE

Which two things does Cisco Connected Factory Automation primarily help customers to do? (Choose two.)

A.    Budget money
B.    Be safer
C.    Make money
D.    Save money

Answer: CD

What does Cisco Connected Factory Wireless primarily help customers to do?

A.    Budget money.
B.    Save money.
C.    Make money.
D.    Be safer.

Answer: B

What are the three horizontal Cisco Internet of Things solutions in manufacturing? (Choose three.)

A.    connected factory applications
B.    routers
C.    connected factory security
D.    device connectors
E.    converged network platforms

Answer: ACE

Which three solution elements were deployed in the tractor manufacturer case study? (Choose three.)

A.    IP cameras
B.    AeroScout T2 tags
C.    mounted exciters
D.    MobileView software
E.    RockWell automation

Answer: ACE

At the highest level, what does Cisco Connected Factory Wireless enable everyone in a plant to access?

A.    enterprise and internet resources
B.    factory floor data
C.    Facebook
D.    data management applications

Answer: A

Cost reduction is an important success metric for Automation Controls Directors. In the Internet of Things, which four options achieve cost reduction? (Choose four.)

A.    decreased downtime
B.    increased operational equipment effectiveness from 65% to 89%
C.    improved quality
D.    increased throughput
E.    improved uptime
F.    improved safety

Answer: BCDE

In which three ways does the Cisco Internet of Things help customers to be more safe? (Choose three.)

A.    increased production efficiency
B.    threat detection and mitigation
C.    greater productivity
D.    device configuration assurance
E.    user and device identity

Answer: BDE

Which four levels of solutions does the Cisco Internet of Things product structure consist of? (Choose four.)

A.    sensors
B.    deployment support
C.    products (such as, plant switching and plant routing)
D.    network management (SDN) and Internet of Things security
E.    PaaS, JouleX, Connected Operations
F.    fog computing (lOx)

Answer: ACDF

Connected factory applications are enabled with strategic partnerships. Which four options help to deploy these applications? (Choose four.)

A.    Rockwell Automation
B.    SAP
C.    Librestream
D.    AeroScout
E.    Google IBM

Answer: ABCD

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