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Which steps Cisco recommended to sell Cisco internet of things solutions?

A.    Hire new sales team leaders.
B.    Understand the new technology that the Cisco internet of things has to offer.
C.    Start your sales process with cold calls.
D.    Focus selling on the IT department.

Answer: B

According to Cisco surveys, which option do Operations Product Managers care most about?

A.    enhancing the customer experience, increasing workforce diversity, and improving the firm’s public relations.
B.    improving operational efficiency, improving profitability, and enhancing the quality of goods and services.
C.    increasing revenue growth, creating new products, and launching a new marketing campaign.
D.    upgrading plant or factory safety and security, launching a new marketing campaign, and improving operationalefficiency.

Answer: B

Three of the Cisco Connected Factory solutions are: Connected Factory Automation, Connected factory wireless, and connected factory security which option is the fourth solution?

A.    Connected Factory Cloud.
B.    Connected Factory Energy Management.
C.    Connected Factory Outlets.
D.    Connected Factory Pipelines.

Answer: B

Which option describes the relationship between IT and OT budgets?

A.    ITand OT budgets are growing at about the same rate.
B.    OT budgets are growing faster than IT budgets.
C.    IT budgets are growing faster than OT budgets.
D.    Both are shrinking al the roughly the same rate.

Answer: B

In one Cisco internet of Things case study, which option describes how petrobel oil reduced downtime?

A.    launching a new marketing campaign.
B.    installing an intelligent rig and Connected Oilfield.
C.    refurbishing old machines.
D.    hiring onsite experts to monitor performance.

Answer: B

Which option is one of the benefits of Cisco Iox to customers in the transportation industry?

A.    increased use of sustainable energies for transportation.
B.    fail-safe collision avoidance.
C.    increased number of commercial flights.
D.    less worker time spent in hazardous locations.

Answer: B

Which option best describes the relationship between the cloud and the fog?

A.    Data is sent first to the cloud and then to the fog.
B.    Data is stored in the fog, but not in the cloud.
C.    The fog stores data in the network edge that may or may not be sent to the cloud.
D.    The fog is replacing the cloud.

Answer: C

Which two options are challenges to delivering data efficiently into the cloud? (Choose two.)

A.    Information is demanded quickly and in large quantities.
B.    The fog blocks some data from entering the cloud.
C.    Bandwidth is not accessible from allentering the cloud.
D.    The cloud is not accessible from all locations.

Answer: AC

Which Connected Factory Wireless solution architecture is ideally set up for larger enterprises with a wide range of clients and applications?

A.    Autonomous Access
B.    Workgroup Access
C.    Direct Access
D.    Unified Access
E.    Virtual Access

Answer: D

Which two types of traffic are appropriate to use with wireless media? (Choose two.)

A.    access control
B.    motion control
C.    safety control
D.    virtual control
E.    peer-to-peer messaging

Answer: CE

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