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What is “stream scanning”?

A.    scanning streaming media for malware
B.    passing pieces of a download to the client while the download is being scanned
C.    scanning multiple downloads at the same time
D.    passing scanned pieces of the file between two different malware-scanning engines

Answer: B

Which of these is not used as a monitoring tool?

A.    CLI commands
B.    email alerts
C.    SNMP traps
D.    policy trace

Answer: D

Which option describes how a user enables licensed features on the virtual WSA?

A.    from the CLI using the featurekey command
B.    from the CLI using the loadlicense command
C.    from the CLI using the update command
D.    from the GUI using the System Administration/Feature Keys menu page
E.    from the GUI using the System Administration/Feature Key Settings menu page

Answer: B

Which option describes the Cisco best practice for configuration of the Web Usage Control feature?

A.    To configure the Global Policy as the most restrictive
B.    To configure the Global Policy as the least restrictive
C.    To configure every access policy using the inherited attributes from the Global Policy
D.    To leave all actions in the Global Policy set to Monitor

Answer: C

If authentication is enabled, which statement is true?

A.    Client reports will display both the username and IP address of the clients
B.    Client reports will display the IP address of the authentication server.
C.    Client reports are not affected by authentication.
D.    Client reports will display authenticated usernames.

Answer: D

What does the appearance of the ACL tag BLOCK_WBRS in the access log mean?

A.    Your appliance or the WBRS key is out of support.
B.    The proxy blocked an outbound request because the client is infected with malware
C.    The proxy blocked access to a site because of a suspicious server response.
D.    The proxy blocked access to a site with a low reputation score.

Answer: D

Which option describes the Cisco best practice for using authentication-based access policies?

A.    It should be used as the Global Policy.
B.    It should be used above nonauthentieating access policies in the Web Security Manager/Access Policies menu page
C.    It should be used below nonauthentieating access policies in the Web Security Manager/Access Policies menu page.
D.    It should be used as the only policy.

Answer: B

If you want to create a ScanSafe filter that will block any shopping or gambling website, what should you add to the filter?

A.    Specific file types
B.    Specific domains and URLs
C.    Specific keywords
D.    Specific URL categories

Answer: D

For WSA SaaS Access Control, the Identity Provider is:

A.    An ICAP server that the WSA is configured to communicate with
B.    Integrated into the WSA.
C.    Deployed by the SaaS service provider.
D.    Integrated into the Authentication Server.

Answer: B

How is PIM usually run?

A.    Via settings in IE or Firefox browsers
B.    Via a network proxy such as Connector
C.    Via a service that runs transparently on the user’s machine and cannot be stopped
D.    Via a login script or GPO at the time that the user logs on

Answer: D

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