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Two departments have their own call-park slot to park calls.
Which feature on Cisco Unified CME allows one department to answer a call for another department?

A.    Call park
B.    Call forward
C.    Call transfer
D.    Pickup-group
E.    Barge-in

Answer: D

What is the maximum number of digits that an ephone PIN can have to allow after-hour exempt calling privileges?

A.    4
B.    6
C.    7
D.    8
E.    9

Answer: D

Which protocol is used to monitor active voice call quality?

A.    RTCP
B.    RTP
C.    QoS
D.    STP
E.    SDP

Answer: A

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Which command is useful to see if network layer information is being received at a PSTN gateway?

A.    show gateway status
B.    show isdn q931
C.    show c cm-manager status
D.    show isdn status
E.    show isdn q921

Answer: D

Which port is configured for connection to the PSTN?

A.    T1
B.    FAS
C.    FXS
D.    FXO

Answer: D

What is the interface type that you should use to connect a PSTN analog line to the VoIP network?

A.    FXS
B.    FXO
C.    E and M
D.    serial

Answer: B

You are connecting your voice gateway to the PSTN through digital lines. What is the command you should use for clocking synchronization?

A.    clock source line
B.    clock source internal
C.    clock source free-running
D.    clock source external

Answer: A

When you configure a T1 CAS PSTN Interface, which command instructs the router to receive its interface clocking from the service provider?

A.    linecode b8zs
B.    clock source line
C.    ds0-group 1 timeslots 1-24
D.    clock source internal

Answer: B

Why is quality of service critical to voice network traffic?

A.    Voice traffic is real-time network traffic.
B.    Packets can be resent without affecting conversations.
C.    Voice traffic is bursty in nature.
D.    Voice traffic cannot be compressed.

Answer: A

Which two options are available when adding a user to Call Unity Express? (Choose two.)

A.    GUI
B.    CLI
C.    BAT
D.    TAPS
E.    LDAP

Answer: AB

Which utility is recommended for a network administrator who must provision 300 users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    Batch Accounts Tool
B.    Bulk Administration Tool
C.    Bulk Accounts Tool
D.    Batch Administration Tool

Answer: B

Which Cisco Unified CME GUI menu option is used to navigate to the screen used to add or change a user name or password using the Cisco Unified CME GUI interface?

A.    Administration > Update System Info
B.    Configure > System Parameters
C.    Configure > Phones
D.    Configure > Extensions

Answer: C

Which two options are configured on the phone configuration page within Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrator? (Choose two.)

A.    device pool
B.    auto answer
C.    partition
D.    voice-mail profile
E.    MAC address

Answer: AE

Which two options are configured on the directory number configuration page within Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrator? (Choose two.)

A.    partition
B.    MAC address
C.    auto answer
D.    softkey template
E.    common device configuration
F.    max calls

Answer: AF

An administrator wants to add and configure an ephone-dn via the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express web GUI. Which feature must be defined under telephony service configuration?

A.    auto-reg-ephone
B.    auto-reg-dn
C.    max-ephones
D.    max-dn
E.    dn-webedit

Answer: E

To control telephony costs, management wants to restrict who can place long distance calls. Which two options allow for this restriction? (Choose two.)

A.    calling search space
B.    partitions
C.    route groups
D.    SIP trunk
E.    gateway

Answer: AB

A user wants their name to show on their phone instead of their directory number.
Which configuration item allows an administrator to do this?

A.    Line Text Label
B.    Alerting Name
C.    External Phone Number Mask
D.    Caller Name
E.    Description

Answer: A

A company has a 5-digit dial plan. A junior engineer inquires about the directory number external masks. Why are external masks used?

A.    to block calling number identification
B.    to enable called number identification
C.    to convert the calling directory number to the PSTN routable calling directory number
D.    to associate a directory number with a SIP endpoint

Answer: C

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