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A new WAP is configured to only use 802.11g with SSID broadcasts enabled. The encryption is set to WPA and the key is given to the user. A user near the WAP is using a laptop equipped with a 5GHz wireless card and is not able to see the SSID. Which of the following is the problem?

A.    Latency
B.    Incorrect encryption type
C.    EUI-64
D.    Incompatible hardware

Answer: D

A network technician has determined a managed network switch has failed. The technician knows how to install a new switch, but not how to properly configure it. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician take NEXT?

A.    Escalate the problem
B.    Identify potential effects
C.    Test the theory to determine cause
D.    Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem

Answer: A

Which of the following should be installed to prevent inappropriate websites from being viewed?

A.    Load balancer
B.    VPN concentrator
C.    Content filter
D.    Proxy server

Answer: C

Which of the following tools would a technician use to terminate CAT6 wires to the inside of the wall jack?

A.    Toner probe
B.    Cable tester
C.    Punch down
D.    Crimper

Answer: C

A technician can increase the bandwidth of an 802.11n cell by:

A.    doubling the channel width.
B.    enabling diversity.
C.    disabling MIMO.
D.    adding a second access point.

Answer: A

Which of the following is a requirement for bridging with 802.11a?

A.    WPA encryption
B.    Governmental licenses
C.    High gain yagi antennas
D.    Clear line of sight

Answer: D

Which of the following technologies can change channel widths?

A.    802.11a
B.    802.11b
C.    802.11n
D.    Bluetooth

Answer: C

Which of the following is a common LAN protocol used for a SOHO?

A.    ATM
B.    DSL
C.    Ethernet
D.    HDLC

Answer: C

Which of the following tools could attempt to detect operating system vulnerabilities?

A.    nslookup
B.    honeynet
C.    netstat
D.    nessus

Answer: D

A company has one public IP address, and only one device needs to be able to connect to the Internet at a time. Which of the following is the BEST option for connectivity?

A.    VLSM
B.    CIDR
C.    NAT
D.    PAT

Answer: C

An IP address assigned from a DHCP server is said to be which of the following?

A.    Hybrid
B.    Dynamic
C.    Secure
D.    Static

Answer: B

A technician needs to setup an Internet connection for a small office. There are five users that need the ability to use email and do online research. The office manager wants the connection to be always on and be as inexpensive as possible. Which of the following would BEST fit the needs of this office?

A.    Broadband
B.    T1
C.    Frame Relay
D.    Satellite

Answer: A

The network technician needs to install fiber cabling to connect two buildings less than 984 feet (300 meters) apart. Which of the following fiber types should be installed?

A.    Singlemode
B.    Multimode
C.    Crossover
D.    F-Connector

Answer: B

Which of the following protocols does DNS utilize on port 53?

A.    TCP
B.    FTP
C.    RTP
D.    ICMP

Answer: A

At which of the following layers do IP addresses exist?

A.    TCP/IP model Internet layer
B.    OSI model Data Link layer
C.    TCP/IP model Transport layer
D.    OSI model Physical layer

Answer: A

A network technician has a RADIUS server IP address that must be included as part of the security settings for a WAP. Which of the following encryption types should the technician select?

A.    WPA enterprise
B.    TKIP
D.    WEP 128-bit

Answer: A

Which of the following reside at a minimum of Layer 3 of the OSI model? (Select TWO).

A.    Hub
B.    Switch
C.    MAC address
D.    IP address
E.    Router

Answer: DE

A network administrator wants to add the firewall rule to allow SSH traffic to the FTP server with the assigned IP from the Internet. Which of the following is the correct firewall rule?

A.    Allow ANY to port 21
B.    Allow ANY to port 22
C.    Allow ANY to port 80
D.    Allow ANY to ANY port ANY

Answer: B

Which of the following should be mitigated by employing proper coding techniques when developing software?

A.    Distributed denial of service attacks
B.    Buffer overflows
C.    War driving
D.    Packet sniffing

Answer: B

Which two layers of the OSI model make up the TCP/IP model Network Interface layer?

A.    Application and Transport
B.    Transport and Session
C.    Physical and Data Link
D.    Session and Presentation

Answer: C

Which of the following types of connectors is used with a CAT6 Ethernet cable?

A.    RJ-45
B.    BNC
C.    RJ-11
D.    DB-9

Answer: A

Users are reporting a large decrease in network performance. After further investigation, the network administrator notices large amounts of traffic coming from a specific IP address. The network administrator needs to identify the payload of the network traffic. Which of the following could be used to collect that information?

A.    ipconfig
B.    ping
C.    sniffer
D.    route

Answer: C

A technician needs to install network device in a SOHO network. The office requires 9 wired workstations to share and print data. Which of the following can the technician use?

A.    A 12 port unmanaged switch.
B.    A wired router with an 8 port switch and a WAN port.
C.    A wireless router with an 8 port switch, and a WAN port.
D.    A 8 port firewall with one console port.

Answer: A

Which of the following source ports is MOST likely to be used by a client when making an outbound TCP connection to a windows server?

A.    80
B.    445
C.    3000
D.    3389

Answer: C

A technician receives a work order that a user can no longer access any external websites. The user is the only one affected, but can still access websites by IP address. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

A.    The workstation has been removed from the domain and needs to be re-added in directory services.
B.    The workstation is configured to use the IPv4 protocol instead of IPv6.
C.    The workstation is configured with an incorrect IP address of the DNS server.
D.    The workstation’s DHCP IP address has expired and has assigned itself an APIPA address.

Answer: C

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