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A user is trying to connect to the wireless network in the office but is unable to establish a
consistent connection. The computer alternates connecting between several similarly configured access points. Which of the following would be the BEST way to address this issues?

A.    Adjust the signal strength of the access points with minimal coverage overlap.
B.    Increase the pool in each of the access points to avoid running out of IPs.
C.    Configure each access point to use a different method of encryption than the others.
D.    Reconfigure each of the access points so that they broadcast different SSIDs.

Answer: A

Which of the following wireless standards is the only one capable of operating in either of the 802.11 wireless spectrums?

A.    A
B.    B
C.    G
D.    N

Answer: D

Which of the following WAN technologies has the highest latency?

A.    POTS
B.    Cable
C.    Satellite
D.    DSL

Answer: C

Which of the following services are affected by closing the default ports of 80 and 21 via ACL on a company router?

A.    FTP and basic Internet traffic
B.    HTTPS and IMAP traffic
C.    DNS and TELNET traffic
D.    VPN and RDP traffic

Answer: A

A network administrator is tasked with blocking unwanted spam is being relayed by an internal email server. Which of the following is the FIRST step in preventing spam that is originating from bots on the network?

A.    Closing off port 25 on the firewall
B.    Closing off port 53 on the firewall
C.    Turning off the SMTP service on the email server
D.    Turning off the IMAP service on the email server

Answer: A

Which of the following can a technician use when installing a wireless network in a lounge to prevent inappropriate website images?

A.    Content filter
B.    VPN concentrator
C.    Load balancer
D.    Proxy server

Answer: A

The network administrator just upgraded all of the WAPs to new ones with 2.4 GHz b/g/n support. The new WAPs reuse the same location and channel as the previous one and with no new external interference detected. However, performance issues are now occurring that did not exist before. Which of the following would correct the issue?

A.    Configure Wi-Fi Multimedia support
B.    Use only 20 MHz channel bandwidth
C.    Enable band steering to use 802.11n
D.    Configure Quality of Service

Answer: B

The network technician is working in an office that has both VoIP telephone lines and analog lines. A user states that the fax machine is not sending or receiving faxes. The network technician determines that the fax machine uses an analog phone line. Which of the following tools would the technician use to troubleshoot the issue?

A.    Cable tester
B.    Buttset
C.    Toner probe
D.    Cable certifier

Answer: B

A technician has configured a router to authenticate VPN users to an LDAP server on the network. In order to allow the authentication service, both UDP and TCP ports needed to be allowed on the router. Which of the following services was MOST likely used?

A.    Kerberos
D.    802.1x

Answer: C

An administrator configuring remote access opens ports 500/UDP and 10000/UDP on the firewall. Which of the following services are MOST likely being allowed? (Select TWO).

A.    SSL
B.    IPSec
C.    Kerberos
D.    RDP
E.    L2TP
F.    PPTP

Answer: BE

An administrator wants to restrict traffic to FTP sites regardless of which PC the request comes from. Which of the following would BEST accomplish this?

A.    An IP filtering ACL
B.    A MAC filtering ACL
C.    A port filtering ACL
D.    A class matching ACL

Answer: C

A user has three different subnets in an office. Which of the following can be configured to allow two of the subnets to communicate directly with each other at the switch level?

A.    802.1af
B.    802.1q
C.    802.1x
D.    802.2

Answer: B

A technician has two wireless 802.11g APs. One is set to channel 1 and the other channel 6. The APs appear to interfere with each other. Which of the following is MOST likely the reason?

A.    Channels below 9 overlap each other
B.    Channel width is set to 40MHz
C.    Channels are in the 5GHz range by mistake
D.    Channel 1 should have been set to 11 to avoid an overlap

Answer: B

A user is having trouble with their fax machine disconnecting during transmissions. The technician believes that a DSL signal may be on the same line as the fax. Which of the following tools would MOST likely help prove this hypothesis?

A.    Multimeter
B.    Cable tester
C.    Lineman’s handset
D.    Toner probe

Answer: C

Which of the following uses types and codes rather than ports?

B.    ICMP
C.    UDP
D.    IPv6

Answer: B

A network administrator is reviewing logs and notices that a device with a public IP address is trying to access the web server RDP port. Which of the following tools can be used to resolve the domain of the public IP address?

A.    arp
B.    nslookup
C.    ipconfig
D.    netstat

Answer: B

A technician is having issues accessing the Internet from the workstation. They are able to ping the DNS server and their default gateway. Which of the following commands can be used to verify DNS is functioning properly?

A.    nslookup
B.    netstat
C.    traceroute
D.    nbtstat

Answer: A

Two workstations are unable to communicate on the network despite having known good cables. When one device is unplugged from the network the other device functions properly. Which of the
following could be the cause of this failure?

A.    Duplicate IP address
B.    Incorrect subnet mask
C.    Incorrect gateway
D.    Wrong DNS

Answer: A

Which of the following protocols are used to provide accurate time to network devices?

A.    SMTP
B.    FTP
C.    TLS
D.    NTP

Answer: D

Which of the following provides the STRONGEST security for a tunneled connection over the Internet?

A.    RDP
B.    SMTP
C.    RAS
D.    IPSec

Answer: D

After deploying a network switch, the network administrator is unable to remotely administer the
device. The network administrator notices that the switch has the following configuration. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

Management LAN:
Management interfacE.
Default gateway:
STP is enabled

A.    VLAN assignment
B.    Wrong subnet mask
C.    Switching loop
D.    Wrong gateway

Answer: D

Which of the following can be used to decrypt SSL packets which encapsulate internal network addresses in the payload?

A.    Proxy server
B.    Content filter
C.    Load balancer
D.    VPN concentrator

Answer: D

Users have contacted the helpdesk stating that they have been having difficulties staying connected to the wireless network. They report that their laptops connect to one access point, drop the connection and then connect to a different access point in a never-ending cycle. Which of the following would BEST remediate this?

A.    Reconfigure the access points from 802.11b to 802.11g.
B.    Establish procedures which limit user connections during peak hours.
C.    Configure the access points so that they all use different SSIDs.
D.    Move one or more access points, minimizing signal overlap.

Answer: D

A network administrator has decided to tighten company security after a recent data breach. The new scheme calls for a strong 10 character password, a special 4 digit pin code, and a one-time use dynamic token that is accessed via a smartphone application. Which of the following is being implemented?

A.    Two-factor authentication
B.    Biometric security
C.    Multi-factor authentication
D.    Single factor authentication

Answer: A

A technician has set up a wired network IP scheme with the following specifications:


Which of the following is represented by this addressing scheme?

A.    Static
B.    QoS
C.    Dynamic
D.    Dynamic with static reservation

Answer: C

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